Hi! How are you doing?

Good. Let's get on with the good stuff!


Alright alright...

Who the heck even makes this stuff?

C'mon, easy. Sarah Schreiber does. She's a former elementary school art teacher that decided to pursue something more in line with her passions (though she does really love teaching still and does still teach, but just in a different capacity). 




Well then what are these things made out of? Silly putty??

What?? No! They're ceramic. 



Ah, I've heard of that stuff.

What about non internet stores? Do you have any of those?

You mean brick and mortar? No. We don't have our own brick and mortar shop. But we do sell at some brick and mortar stores. You can see the list on our "Stockists" page.



Thanks Friend Assembly! You're the best! 

Can we go get a drink or coffee somewhere sometime?

Shit, why not? You seem cool.